The Business Life Cycle

At Falco Sult, we look at your needs from a broad perspective. We do this by knowing where your company is in the business life cycle at all times and designing your plan accordingly.

seed startup growth established expansion mature exit



All great beginnings start with a thought or idea. This is the conception of your new business, where the potential for success is unlimited. But before your idea can go anywhere, you must organize the various opportunities into a concise approach. This means developing a well thought out plan, building a team of key advisors and identifying sources for initial capital.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Business plan development
  • Ownership/entity structure and tax considerations
  • Building a team of key advisors in legal, finance, and accounting
  • Capital acquisition



Your business is born. Operations are starting and you have your first customers. Your hope is more products or services can be produced quickly and efficiently, while finding more outlets for your goods. The main challenge at this stage is not to burn through what little cash you have while finding new customers and being competitive with your pricing to attract them to try your products. Cash management becomes paramount.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow planning
  • Internal process design and implementation
  • Reporting system design and accounting



You’ve made it through the toughest times. New and larger customers want your products or services and opportunities to expand are presenting themselves. While every opportunity is inviting and potentially profitable, you are faced with the constant dilemma of where to devote your time, energy and resources. You can’t do it all and it’s time to start acting like a well organized business. Delegation, trust, and focus on strengths and weaknesses are critical in order to grow profitably.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Building an effective management team
  • Enhance accounting, computer and management systems
  • More sophisticated cash and banking needs
  • Higher level of budgeting and projections
  • Implement performance measurement systems



Now thriving with strong market share and a loyal customer base, you have arrived – but as an entrepreneur, you’re not ready to sit back just yet. What comes next? With a relentless and competitive market, you must stay focused on the big picture. The economy, competitors and changing customer tastes can quickly end all you have worked for. You must focus on improvement and productivity.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Management team and employee development
  • Better business practices and automation
  • Owner’s succession planning
  • Banking relations for next level



You’ve built a strong, stable business platform that will allow you to grow into new markets and distribution channels. It’s exciting for the true entrepreneur as it challenges them to find new revenue and profit channels in order to gain a larger market share. Making this move requires that you go back and plan like you did in the Seed and Startup phases. Careful planning and resisting the urge to move into unrelated businesses is critical.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Analysis and resources for new markets
  • Strategic M&A possibilities
  • Defining succession planning approach
  • Facilities analysis and strategic alliances with vendors



The company is on auto pilot, yet competition is constantly nipping at your heels. Now is the time to consider whether to move back and expand or move on to the exit stage and let the next generation take the company to a new level. You ask yourself, “do I have another run in me?” As in any life cycle, things ultimately move back to the beginning.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Analyze and decide about new opportunities or business ventures
  • Cost cutting and sustaining cash flows
  • Position company for transfer
  • Finalize retirement and estate planning
  • Finalize succession plan and identify successor



This is the time to reap the benefits of years of hard work. Opportunities remain but it’s time to let go. Is it time to sell to a key employee or outside party? How do I structure the best deal for me? There is blood, sweat and tears in this enterprise and you need a path to the true value of what you have built.

Your emphasis with our help:

  • Business valuation
  • Transition the business to maximize value
  • Long-term investment strategies
  • Healthcare and long-term care plan

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